FoodsKeeper Introduction

FoodsKeeper is the application for Android/iPhone.

"It's past the best before date..."
"I forget to buy it…"

Have you ever had the experience?
FoodsKeeper is the application to manage your foods.
FoodsKeeper help you in such a situation.

What is FoodsKeeper?

  • the few remaining food will be displayed
  • notify you the food best before date expires
  • So that you can see the food you have, wasted shopping is eliminated.

Because simple features, everyone can use it easily.
Because only enter the name of the food, you can register quickly.

Basic Features

  • Manage your foods(Name,Category,Buy Date, Best Before Date, Remained Amount)
    • "Fresh Food", "Daily Product","Frozen Food", "Canned Product", "Snack", "Seasoning","Beverage","Others" are registered in Category.
    • Of course, you can add detailed categories (ex. "Meat","Fish", "Vegetable", "Fruit")
  • Sort  By(Name, Category, Buy Date, Best Before Date, Remained Amount)
  • Search foods
  •  Notify user before best before date

Recommended for such users

  • A refrigerator full of foods
  • You are saving
  • Have self-catering

iPhone Screenshot

Food List View
Food Register View

Android Screenshot
Food List View
Food Register View


  1. Nice app for this purpose!
    Would love to help you in fixing some of the strange translations of your german version ;-)

    Hope you can contact me with my google mail account.

    1. Thank you for using this application.
      Your suggestion is very helpful for me!

      Sorry, I couldn't find your gmail account.
      If possible, please contact to my gmail account in my profile page.

  2. Please help soon...
    The add function is missing in the view Foodstuffs List.
    In stead there is a add banner.
    My iphone is 4s with IOS. 8.3

    What to do?